Full-Day Sightseeing Tour Around The Imperial City of Fez :

Fez sightseeing tour will take you back in time to explore the secrets of this enchanting and lovely city, discovering the capital of medieval Morocco (Morocco’s first capital city) with a private local guide . Touring a 13th-century medina, admire the ornate gate of a royal palace. Fez is full of winding alleys and wonderful architecture from across its long history. its medina is the largest in the Maghreb and one of UNESCO’s cultural treasures. Its palaces, mosques, Madrasas, Zaouias, and fountains of Fès el-Bali are among the most beautiful things that Morocco has to offer for you to explore. Meet your local guide and set out to begin your exploration. You will have the opportunity to visit the religious, artistic and intellectual Morocco. You’ll see the oldest Medina, the Medersas of Cherratine and El-Attarine (Arabian style building dedicated to religious studies) the Quaraouiyine University: which is the oldest still functioning in the world, its Mosque’s library has a collection of 30,000 volumes, attracting eminent specialists in Islamic culture.

What You’ll Do in Fez City!

  • Take a walk through the oldest medina in the Arab world.
  • Meet local artisans and visit Africa’s oldest tannery.
  • Taste local street food, such as couscous and tagine.
  • Visit Al-Qarawiyyin, the world’s oldest continuously functioning university.
  • Visit the old Mellah, or Jewish district

What to Expect!

The uniqueness of Fes stems from the richness of its cultural heritage. Explore the city and visit the main attractions starting with the old medina, an amazing labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways.

Begin your full-day tour at Bab Boujloud, the ornate blue gate leading into the medina, and head to the magnificent Moulay Idriss Mausoleum.

Next, you’ll visit the medieval university of Al-Qarawiyyin, which is both a university and a mosque situated in the heart of the medina. UNESCO has named it the oldest continuously functioning educational institution in the world.
Pass by other schools such as the Madrasa Bouanania built by Sultan Abu Inan Faris and the Madrasa Al-Attarine created by Sultan Uthman II Abu Said.

Visit the Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts and see the traditional tools used by craftsmen, and the Berber carpets and musical instruments.

See the city’s tannery, a fascinating place that is the largest tannery in Africa. Visit the Mellah or Jewish Quarter and the old Ibn Danan Synagogue, dating from the 17th century.

After your tour inside the old medina, you’ll venture outside the walls. Head directly to the main gate of the Royal Palace where you’ll see craftsmen at work and you’ll enjoy the view of the large plaza and its palm trees.


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